How long does it last in Florida’s weather?

 Our “SNOW” is man made from ice processed through a special machine to achieve a quality close to snow that you would find in Northern States.  Florida Snow Services’ snow and real snow both start to melt at a temperature of 32 degrees and the warmer the faster. Most of our Snow Jobs can last a minimum of several hours up to the next day or days depending on the weather and conditions. The worst is rain. We can blow snow in the rain but do not recommend this unless you have a tent to shield your party from the rain. Snow is a natural insulator and will help insulate itself BUT thickness, volume, and number of children playing and their frequency of action along with weather conditions all contribute to the demise of snow.   We recommend using hay bales to insulate your fresh snow to slow the melt rate.

Can you blow snow anywhere?

 NO, we are limited! Florida Snow Services will try to meet your needs as long as it is safe and legal.  We try not to drive off the concrete on to grass because our commercial vehicles may sink. This is especially true in December when our schedule is very tight.  It we drive onto grass/turf/soil our equipment will typically damage sprinkler heads, cause turf damage and leaves holes that we cannot be responsible for. If you insist on driving off concrete and we get stuck, CLIENTS are responsible for the wrecker bill and will be asked to sign an “Off Road Responsibility Agreement”.

Can the snow hurt someone?

YES! You can drop a ton (2,000 lbs.) of feathers on someone and it will seriously hurt someone. Due to our humidity our snow is very wet and can get very hard.  You will sign a “Hold Harmless” for Florida Snow Services as we are only responsible for blowing the snow.   We do not recommend snow ball fights.

Does it hurt the grass?

Florida Snow Services has blown over 50 million pounds of snow (60% on grass) and has never had a problem. We know schools; homes and churches often have very expensive grasses. BUT IT IS ONLY FROZEN WATER. It actually helps the grass because it soaks into the ground slowly. HOWEVER we not responsible for any turf damage.

How much snow do I need?

IN OUR PRICING we give the approximate area sizes. Example: 4,000 pounds (2 Tons) of snow equals an area 10′ x 10′ x 1’ deep.  This area equates to the standard pop up tents you see at Art Festivals, Sporting Events, etc.  When determining the coverage area, we recommend using a tape measure to mark off 10 feet and at a 90% angle mark off another 10 feet.  This way you can visualize the area size for 10×10. Imagine the number of guests you will have playing in the snow to determine your order.   Many customers will split their orders depending on age ranges (Toddlers, Big Kids, and Adults) NOTE: Depending on your market we have minimum requirements. The 2 tons is only for measuring purposes.

How much can we purchase?

Florida Snow Services is capable of supplying any amount of snow you need!  We are only limited by your budget.

What is your minimum order?

Our Minimum order depends on your area. Contact a representative to get a price quote. On the contact form include the location with zip code to receive your quote.

Does Florida Snow Services offer real snow outside of Florida?

YES, however it depends on the season. . That means time of the year and day of the week and active jobs we have at that time period. Real snow blowing (out of state) is priced considering amount of snow, timing and distance. We offer shipping of our snow flurry machines anywhere in the US.

How soon should I order and what is the process?

IMPORTANT: As soon as possible.  With the popularity of Frozen theme parties, we recommend booking as soon as possible.  From November through March our work load is so high, we typically have limited equipment and crews available, so order early.  When emailing or filling out the contact form we will need:

  • Name and Contact Number of Person Responsible:
  • Company Name and Billing Address if Applicable:
  • Location name and address with zip code (map if hard to find)
  • Date and Time of Request (is the date and time flexible?)
  • Event description and number of people and ages
  • Amount of Snow needed (per ton)
  • Would you like rent our snow flurry machine, if so how many?

Once we confirm availability, we will issue a snow service agreement (contract) and deposit will be required to HOLD and book your order. FINAL PAYMENT MUST BE MADE PRIOR TO THE START of the snow blowing. Cash or Check is required, as we do not accept credit cards. However, we do take paypal with applicable service fees. Florida Snow Services has no control over the weather and neither do you. We ask that you keep in touch with your assigned crew leader to monitor weather.  If you determine the possibility of inclement weather prior to your snow day and want to reschedule on a mutually agreed date that is not a problem.  However, if you cancel day of event, you will be billed 100% due to crew and ice expenses already absorbed. THINGS YOU CAN DO:

  • Put up a tent
  • Move snow blowing in covered area

Can I cancel and get my deposit back?

Due to the popularity of snow and limited amount of available services, we have a very strict cancellation policy due to the expense and labor involved in our process:

  • 30-15 days prior to event – 50% of advance deposit returned
  • No refund will apply if notification is made within 13 days of the event.

What can I do to make the snow last longer?

When reviewing the area for your snow we recommend (if possible) having it blown in a shaded area, away from direct sunlight.   You can COVER it with a tarp when not in use if you should encounter rain. We recommend using hay bales around the perimeter to insulate your fresh snow which will slow the melt rate.

When the snow becomes “PACKED” what can I do?

Snow becomes packed from playing on it. Use a heavy garden rake to churn and fluff your snow again. Also you can use a: MOTORIZED TILLER” to fluff it up. But just make sure your rake or tiller is clean or it will make the snow look dirty.

Will I be charged sales tax?

YES, unless we are provided the proper tax exemption info before your event. That is the Florida sales tax law.

Can you offer other services to enhance our snow party?

We are owned by Award-Winning Special Event company, Birchmore Group, Inc.  Birchmore can provide all inclusive theme services including entertainment, audio-visual elements, special effects, event management and décor.   Birchmore is also the sole source in Florida for Live Reindeer  during the holiday season.

Do you offer Discounts?

Our prices are kept as low as they can be kept and keep up our equipment, personnel and services. The larger the order the more people, equipment and actual work it takes.  So we are as low as we can go!

Can you provide Snow Blowing as a Donation?

Florida Snow Services and our suppliers DO NOT DONATE as it would be unfair to all of the worthy causes that are available. We try to keep our prices low enough to make snow available for as many as possible. Thank you!