Faqs / How soon should I order and what is the process?

IMPORTANT: As soon as possible.  With the popularity of Frozen theme parties, we recommend booking as soon as possible.  From November through March our work load is so high, we typically have limited equipment and crews available, so order early.  When emailing or filling out the contact form we will need:

  • Name and Contact Number of Person Responsible:
  • Company Name and Billing Address if Applicable:
  • Location name and address with zip code (map if hard to find)
  • Date and Time of Request (is the date and time flexible?)
  • Event description and number of people and ages
  • Amount of Snow needed (per ton)
  • Would you like rent our snow flurry machine, if so how many?

Once we confirm availability, we will issue a snow service agreement (contract) and deposit will be required to HOLD and book your order. FINAL PAYMENT MUST BE MADE PRIOR TO THE START of the snow blowing. Cash or Check is required, as we do not accept credit cards. However, we do take paypal with applicable service fees. Florida Snow Services has no control over the weather and neither do you. We ask that you keep in touch with your assigned crew leader to monitor weather.  If you determine the possibility of inclement weather prior to your snow day and want to reschedule on a mutually agreed date that is not a problem.  However, if you cancel day of event, you will be billed 100% due to crew and ice expenses already absorbed. THINGS YOU CAN DO:

  • Put up a tent
  • Move snow blowing in covered area