Real Snow

Tampa Snow Services blows snow in Orlando, Miami, Tampa, Jacksonville, Gainesville, Fort Lauderdale and other areas throughout Florida.  Our Fresh snow is available 364 Days a year. We take Christmas Day off!

We make Real Snow with high grade triple filtered ice at Any Location.  Do you want a Winter Wonderland or Frozen Theme party and need to create a guaranteed winter day?  Florida Snow Services will accomplish this effect complete with real snow and our evaporative snow effects.

When McDonalds needed to create winter on hot, sunny day in Tampa, we created this effect.  When Nissan needed snow for a video and photo shoot for their new Pathfinder in Jacksonville, we delivered the fluffy snow.  On a balmy 90+ degree day in Key Biscayne, the TV Series “Burn Notice” needed to create a Winter Scene right next to the ocean.  We created this snowy illusion.  But most importantly, little Chloe wanted a Frozen Birthday party and we made Chloe’s dream a reality with real snow in Florida!

How Do You Make Real Snow?

Our snow blowing equipment was specifically designed to grind and blow cubed ice to provide a blanket of real snow at any location and in any climate.  Our industrial snowmakers compress and finely grind cubes into a fine powdered snow.  The pressurized snow is shot out through a hose at a velocity of over 70 mph, allowing us to cover a large area very quickly.  The system is self-contained with generated power.  We DO NOT USE BLOCK ICE which at times produces jagged snow that can cut guests playing in the snow.  This block service is what most competitors’ offer as a solution as block ice is much cheaper equipment.  Safety is our #1 concern so we will not use block ice products.

Our expert snow technicians arrive on location and begin staging our ice trucks and snow blower.  In most cases we need appx 60 linear feet to stage trucks and blower.   Larger orders require tractor trailer units.   Each blower can make up to 20 tons of Real Snow per hour.   Our Real Snow works fast, is fully mobile and quickly creates 100% fine powder snow without the logistical challenges of other systems.

Snow Slides

Snow slides are a blast! If you have a small hill we might be able to utilize it to create a natural snow slide or you can rent a snow slide from Florida Snow Services.   Our rental slides are all dual slides and include inner tubes for sledding.  We can also build a slide using hay bales.  Bales of hay/straw are a great for customizing a slide for young tykes to enjoy.  Make your next event over the top with our snow slides!

Winter Wonderland Experience

Since we are a full service production company we can customized Snow Experience into a Winter Wonderland, Frozen or Polar Express Party complete with talent, audio-visual equipment, sets/props.  Each project is customized to the client and the venue.  Contact us to see how we can create an all-inclusive, interactive snow spectacular.

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